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Tom Lesko 1b

Tom Lesko ponders the beauty of his well prepped motor with its cool headers from the comfort of his 1965 Spider Veloce. Thanks, Tom, for sending one of my favorite photos.


From hot rods to fine restorations, we’ve got them all

Even Colby's 1970 Jr. Z has mods.  This one has a 2L engine, among other things.

Bruce Colby’s 1970 Jr. Z has a 2L engine, among other mods.

“It would be a drab world without meaningless social aggregations. There would be a lot fewer smiles.” —  Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Giulietta by Felstead

Art copyright 2009 Anna-Louise Felstead. Used with permission.


Joining SNO is easy … and the price is right

There are only two requirements to belong to this group:
(1) You must be more enamored with Italian cars than is emotionally or financially healthy, and
(2) You must not be offended by fellow enthusiasts who change the wheels on their cars, modify mechanical systems, or make other changes, such as painting their cars non-stock colors.

Other than the two points noted above, there are NO rules, NO meetings, NO dues,  NO activities, and NO reasons for joining.

At the risk of being redundant, we want to emphasize that by joining SNO, you are acknowledging you will pay NO dues, attend NO meetings, receive NO newsletters, and will refrain from mocking non-originale Alfas and other Italian sporting machines … at least not openly.

Next, send an e-mail to : SNO at gwandrw dot com.

In your message, state that you accept our membership rules and — though you have no idea why — you’d like to become a member.  Be sure to include your name, city, state, country, and Italian fun machines you own.  If you want to attach a digital photo or two, we’ll put them on the web site.

You have lots of Directors.  What do they do
and how can I become one?

Every member is a SNO Director. As such, SNO Directors have have NO authority, NO responsibilities, and NO pay.  However, if you are the first from your state, country, continent, planet, or whatever criterion we randomly apply, you may be named your area’s Director, making your title even longer and more impressive. Again, we have nothing to direct except our individual addictions to Italian sporting machines, we just like handing out titles.

To contact us:  SNO at gwandrw dot com

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