4 comments on “SNO Alfa Romeo Pictures – 10

  1. To Tom Sahines,

    Was nice to see the photo of my Alfa Spider Veloce .I loved that car especially when I won at Laguna Seca Divisional against a field of more that 20 Porsche Speedsters 4 Lotus 7s and lapped the field to 3rd place establishing a long standing record for EP SCCA. This was my first win in SCCA.

    There were 150 protests lodged and I had to take the cylinder head off to prove the car was legal. Of course it was.

    During the West Coast run offs at Vaca Valley I had a hellish battle with Lee Midgley in TR2 and Mike Eyerly in the division winning Porsche Speedster. On the last lap about to take the lead which had changed 10 times I got a stone in my glass goggles on the banked first turn and had to settle for 2nd OA which won me the Sportscar driver of the year from the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Nice memories. I have some pictures when I had the car.

  2. Stephen

    Thanks for the information. I would love to add any pictures or other memories you have of the car. I bought the car from John Anderson in the early 90’s and my son and I have raced the car in vintage events. Always one of the fastest Alfa in the group. You can reach me at tsahines at gmail dot com

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