TZ or not TZ that is the question … from TZ to shining TZ …Lame jokes aside, see more great art & photos here

quinlisk tz at targa florio web

Copyright 2009 Jerry Quinlisk. Used with permission.


Tom Sahines’ historic racer and a whole lot more

Sahines_HOP3374 b

Tom Sahines in his historic race car. See the pictures below for more information.

Are you brave enough to drop your Spider’s convertible top in winter … even on your honeymoon?

a Jerry Quinlisk SNO track day

Jerry Quinlisk created this terrific scene showing a bevy of creatively winterized Alfa SNOmobiles. To see more of Jerry’s art, or buy your own, track him down on AlfaBB or email jquinlisk at comcast dot net. Art is copyright Jerry Quinlisk 2009. Used with permission.

a michael williams juandefucacamp

Serious Alfisti Michael and Tamara Williams went on a honeymoon to remember … in their 1969 Duetto. They took it on a 3200-mile trip that included tents and trees, as seen here.

a michael williams alfa_buon_natale

Tamara and the Duetto, dressed for a winter festival of lights parade in Sacramento, California.

a michael williams snowball

The Williamses’ Duetto is dressed for winter in northern California’s Snowball rally (Not run by us; ours would be the SNOball rally).