This would be “Then”

Family with Rolls for web

Who are we?  No, we’re not Rolls Royce owners. Apparently, that reality is obvious … even to strangers. Case in point: Years ago, as we posed next to this classic we borrowed from a friend, a passing driver leaned out his window and yelled: “Hey! That’s not your car.” How could he tell? We thought we looked pretty cool.  Me in my navy blue pin-stripe suit with power tie. Rae in classy dress and Great Aunt Hazel’s 1930’s fox stole.  Kids dressed to impress.  Even the cat looks regal (Her name was Duesie, like the Duesenberg car  — an apt name for a cool cat, though the kid who named her didn’t know cars and obviously had something else in mind).

If you’ve known us long enough, you’ll recognize us as the Williams family of California and Washington. This photo was taken a few light years ago, so we don’t look at all like this anymore. What’s scary is to realize that our kids are about the age Raelene and I were back then. How time flies!

Even if we’re not the Williams family you’re looking for, please feel free to look around. You may find something of interest on one of our genealogy pages; thoughts on following Jesus; the section on Alfa Romeos; or the ever popular section about the Italian car club that isn’t a club, Scuderia Non Originale ™.

As you tour our site, you’ll see that several pages are illustrated with original drawings by gifted artists, Anna-Louise Felstead, Guy Allen, and Jerry Quinlisk. We’re most grateful for their generosity.

Please contact us here: gary at gwandrw dot com.



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