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  1. Hello,
    I own an 1974 Alfa GTV 2000 with the Spica injection system. Purchased it in 1985 when i lived in California. This car my second of the same model, a daily driver that I love. I now sadly live back in France where I was born. I brought back the Alfa with me. I’ve progressively been restoring the car done mostly in Cal. I’ve never had problems until now. I’ve replaced the fuel lines, pump, filter and the car will not start. It was running fine before the pump failure. Reading up on possible problems, I find that the thermostatic actuator could be the cause. It has been out of order for some time, ran rich, but the car always started. The replacement through Centerline is very costly. Through the info on the net, I discovered the hand operated choke substitute ”Shankle sure start” mechanism. That no dealer seams to have. Can you help me in locating one.
    Thank you

    • Hi Christian: Sorry to hear about your start-up issue. Alfabb.com has a huge audience of Alfisti. Have you asked there if anyone has a Shankle sure start? You can advertise your need for free in the parts wanted section of the forum. If that doesn’t work, Wes Ingram, Ingram Enterprises in Washington State, is the acknowledged master of Spica injection systems. He may be able to help you.

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