Alfa 105 series tech info – 2

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Who better to preside over anything to do with Alfa technical info than Jim Neill, aka: Papajam? This art is copyrighted by Jerry Quinlisk. May not be used without permission.


Cam Timing

Below are a pair of vintage templates that came with Shankle cams purchased in the early 1980’s. Note the greasy finger smudges. To use them, copy the images to your computer, scale them to accurately match the rulers (try reducing them to 65% of actual for starters), then print them on heavy paper and cut around the black outline. Presto! You’ve got cam timing templates.

 Shankle intake newest Shankle exhaust newest



Valve Shim Adjustment Calculator

Click the link to open an Excel sheet that will help you calculate shim sizes needed to adjust your valves.  I found this fine little tool on AlfaBB, posted there by Paul, aka: 67Coinhole (Don’t ask me what it means, I only report the news).  Paul writes in his post:  “I tried to make it simple and easy to use. It includes a page from the Giulia 1600 Shop Manual and sheets in both mm and inches. After entering your current gaps and shim sizes, you can enter correct gaps to find out the shim sizes you will need, and/or you can enter replacement shim sizes to see what the resulting gaps will be. (Yeah, I know it’s not brain surgery or even a tonsilectomy, but maybe it’ll save someone a little time when they need it.) DISCLAIMER: I MAKE NO CLAIMS OR WARRANTIES AS TO THE ACCURACY OR CORRECTNESS OF THE SPREADSHEET AND ITS CONTENTS AND ACCEPT NO LIABLITY FOR DAMAGES RESULTING FROM ITS USE. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK AND OF COURSE, MEASURE TWICE.”  All I can add is that I used Paul’s calculator and found it handy.   Thanks, Paul!

Click to Download: Valve Shim Calculator


2 Responses to Alfa 105 series tech info – 2

  1. Christian Brard September 24, 2018 at 3:00 am #

    I own an 1974 Alfa GTV 2000 with the Spica injection system. Purchased it in 1985 when i lived in California. This car my second of the same model, a daily driver that I love. I now sadly live back in France where I was born. I brought back the Alfa with me. I’ve progressively been restoring the car done mostly in Cal. I’ve never had problems until now. I’ve replaced the fuel lines, pump, filter and the car will not start. It was running fine before the pump failure. Reading up on possible problems, I find that the thermostatic actuator could be the cause. It has been out of order for some time, ran rich, but the car always started. The replacement through Centerline is very costly. Through the info on the net, I discovered the hand operated choke substitute ”Shankle sure start” mechanism. That no dealer seams to have. Can you help me in locating one.
    Thank you

    • Gary September 24, 2018 at 8:52 am #

      Hi Christian: Sorry to hear about your start-up issue. has a huge audience of Alfisti. Have you asked there if anyone has a Shankle sure start? You can advertise your need for free in the parts wanted section of the forum. If that doesn’t work, Wes Ingram, Ingram Enterprises in Washington State, is the acknowledged master of Spica injection systems. He may be able to help you.

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