4 comments on “Alfa 105 series tech info – 1

  1. Ditto on Tony’s comment!!! Super nice!!
    Now, all we need is a “How To!!” Is the crinkle finish DYIable or how do we get it done professionally? And on the “Alfa Romeo” script; I assume you painted everything, then gently sanded & polished the paint off the letters? Please advise! Thanks, Paul

    • I had a shop that paints all types of parts for commercial/industrial applications do my cover. Any good auto painter could also do a nice job and crinkle finish can be done at home from a spray can. I’m guessing there are how-to videos on Youtube, as there are for everything else. My first step would be to remove any previous paint from the cam cover, being careful not to sand scratches into it. Then comes a thorough cleaning and wiping down with clean towel or something else that won’t leave lint. I think you’ll find that crinkle finishes work best if the cam cover has been warmed up, such as by putting it in the sun for a while, but that’s from the dark recesses of my aging brain, so should be checked. And yes, after my cover was painted, I used a fine sanding block to gently remove the paint from the Alfa Romeo logo.

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