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A spectacular Dino &  a blast from the past

 Richard Lane dino smaller2 b  Richard Lane dino smaller

Gorgeous, dramatic, striking, beautiful, superb … I’m out of adjectives to describe Richard Lane’s latest addition to his California family (well, it was before he bought the Giulia SS and the Ferrari) . This Bertone-bodied Fiat Dino coupe has the same V6 as the Dino Ferrari.

Then there’s this old timer. Fiat S74 d While going through family photos, I found a tiny snapshot (2″x2″) that was most likely taken by a Great Uncle in the early 1900’s, at an annual race on the streets of Santa Monica, California.  The print itself had nothing to identify the car, so I took to the web.  Amazingly, I found Guy Prentice, who identified both the car and the driver.  Click here to read the full account.





 These fine Fiats make us yearn for sunny days


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