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Illustrations from automotive artists who feature Italian marques.

Support the arts. Buy a print or commission a drawing from three of our favorite artists

Guy Allen AlfaGTA_ART 2b

© 2009 Guy Allen. Used with permission.

As explained elsewhere on     this site, SNO is strictly for
fun.  Yes, you can donate three
or four bucks and get a sticker
or badge, but that’s so we can
all show our colors when
we’re out and about.

So why this page? When we
went looking for original art
to make the pages of our
website more attractive and
interesting, three fine artists
agreed to share their
wonderful work. To thank
them, I’m sharing their
contact information here,
along with the encouragement
that you consider buying their
prints or originals — or commissioning an original of your cherished Italian machine. Hang an Allen, Felstead, or Quinlisk on your wall? Yes you can!

Guy Allen is a regular contributor to some of our favorite sports car magazines. His original art and prints also hang on the walls of auto enthusiasts all over the world. Check out his website at:


© 2009 Anna-Louise Felstead. Used with permission.

Anna- Louise  Felstead  is a  talented English artist we first saw when she was featured in Classic & Sports Car magazine.. She not only draws Alfas and other fine cars with a whimsical style that’s all her own, she also competes in vintage races. Below is her take on a Hispano Suiza at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Contact Anna-Louise to ask her about commissioning art or purchasing her prints and originals:  Don’t be surprised if the Felstead name sounds familiar.  Besides being a well-known artist in her own right, she appeared with her sister Alexandra in the cast of British reality TV series Made in Chelsea.  

hillclimb by 'quinlisk b

© 2009 Jerry Quinlisk. Used with permission.

Several years ago Jerry Quinlisk published a book of his delightful drawings entitled: “The AlfaBet .”  Many of his drawings feature fellow Alfisti and their cars, making them all the more fun for those of us who can spot their hidden humor.

“It would be a drab world without meaningless social aggregations.  There would be a lot fewer smiles.” — Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.


Art copyright 2009 Anna-Louise Felstead. Used with permission. See more of her wonderful work by clicking here or looking her up on Facebook.

Members who own or work in businesses related to Italian fun machines

Before I explain why I’ve added this page to the website, I want to reassure you that SNO is strictly for fun.  The only thing we’re selling is stickers, and those are at cost.  Scuderia Non Originale is not looking for sponsors or advertisers, and we don’t  make recommendations.

Now for my reasoning.  Several of the people who’ve joined SNO are Italian sports car and bike enthusiasts and business owners or employees of Italian-fun-machine-related businesses.  Any such people who help keep our parts supply alive and who develop new bits and pieces for us deserve our support.  Without them, we may as well put our cars and bikes on trailers and tow them around, like the Originale guys. With that in mind, I thought you might like to know which SNO members are also suppliers of parts and services.  With their names are web addresses so you can look them up for yourselves, if you so desire.

If you’re part of our NO team and I failed to list your website, please send me a note.  Remember, we’re just listing websites in Alfa-betic order.  NO recommendations.  NO brickbats.

Richard, Andrew and Max Banks, United Kingdom

Rex Chalmers, Campbellsport, Wisconsin

Bob Harris, Wichita, Kansas

Jim Steck, Brookville, Ohio

Gordon Raymond
Long-time Alfista who rebuilds Alfa oil pumps. Go-to guy for carburetor rebuilds. Before and after photos shown below.
Contact Gordon at  User name: Gordon Raymond


Ingram Enterprises
Wes Ingram, Burlington, Washington
Fuel injection specialists.  Offers high performance engines and accessories.

Ingram - TSengine-Tec 3-alumradiator-TWMs

Andy Kress, Sherborn, Massachusetts

Prova Motorsports
Chris Berry, Seattle Washington

Sportscar Workshops
Ken Knehr, Richmond, Virginia

Ken Sports Car Workshop 1b

Vintage Veloce
Carl Liebold, California, vintage motorcycles

Are you a member who would like to be listed, too? Send me an e-mail: SNO at gwandrw dot com.