Healds, Hales and related families – charts and reports

Includes these families and more:
Appleby, Mayo, Henley, Strickland, Crawford, Sawyers

These Hale Family pages are courtesy of Lyford Hale. If you copy this material word for word, please cite Lyford Hale as your source. 

Lyford spent years tracking down as many original source documents as possible.  He visited where the ancestors lived, where they went to church, local hysterical societies, libraries, court houses, and every other repository of state and local records he could find.  He notes that spurious information plagues the internet these days. Please take what you find on the web with a grain of salt — including here — unless original source documents are cited (Court or church records, wills, etc.).

Wishing to present records that are as accurate as possible,  Lyford has made every effort to present facts, not guesses (Okay, a few guesses, but they are noted as such).  And he does offer sources for much of what he posts.  He acknowledges, however, that no one is perfect, must less him, so asks that you contact him at  lyfordhale at gwandrw dot com should you take exception to something you find here.  Additionally, if anyone can show original source documents to take these lines back to the British Isles, or elsewhere,  please contact Lyford.

While you are invited … encouraged even … to submit material and comments, such remarks as “You’re crazy” or “You are an idiot” probably won’t be received in the constructive manner you obviously intended.

One final note: These are Lyford’s working pages and thus include many notes originally intended only for himself. You may, from time to time, find the exact same words on websites posted by other researchers. Rest assured they originated with Lyford, unless otherwise noted.

Click on a link below to open detailed family files stored in PDF format:

Appleby Descendant Chart
Appleby Outline

Appleby Family Report

Crawford — Sawyers — Appleby Ahnentafel Report July 10 2017 by Lyford Hale
Crawford-Sawyers Outline Report Aug 24 2016 by Lyford Hale

Healds & Hales Descendant Chart
Healds & Hales Outline
Healds & Hales Family Report

Maggs-Mayo-Henley Descendant Chart
Maggs-Mayo-Henley Outline
Maggs-Mayo-Henley Family Report

Saunders-Sanders Descendant Chart  — Being updated 7-13-2019
Saunders-Sanders Outline — Being updated
Saunders-Sanders Family Report — Being updated

Strickland Descendant Chart
Strickland Outline
Strickland Family Report

Find photos here:

Heald-Hale Family And Related Lines – Photo Index

lyfordhale at gwandrw dot com

2 Responses to Healds, Hales and related families – charts and reports

  1. Debbie Himmel August 20, 2015 at 2:37 pm #

    hello family! I am a descendant of Thomas Heald, Mobberly Broad Oak, Cheshire, Eng. Then down the generations to a daughter Hannah (Heald) Adamson. daughter Ruth (Adamson) Hatcher. then a daughter Hannah (Hatcher) Woods. then on from Woods to Morrison to Himmel. whew!

    nice to meet you all. Specific reason for contacting you is that in the past year or so I found on this site a wonderful autobiography by William Heald when he was age 100. He is the son of Nathan & Rebecca McBride. I cannot seem to locate it again and would love to have a copy.

    hope to hear from you…debbie (in Cincinnati, OHIO)

    • Gary August 23, 2015 at 1:22 am #

      Reply sent via email.

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