Following Jesus

Jesus – who or what is calling you?

“…I felt like my Bible was calling me. I felt this promise that if I read it, if I just read it like a book, cover to cover, it wouldn’t change me into an idiot, it wouldn’t change me into a clone of Pat Buchanan, and that was honestly the thing I was worried about […]

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Books for seeking and/or growing

Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and a few to be chewed and digested.  ~Francis Bacon We read a wide range of books, including a lot that are Christ centered.  Those listed here are in the “chewed and digested” category. Recommendations of friends have led us to discover authors and books […]

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Turning Strangers Into Friends, by Neil Smith

Just walk across the room Neil Smith applies principles from Bill Hybels’ excellent book Introduction by Gary: We’ve all met men and women who obviously enjoy making friends of strangers. They walk into a room smiling and after we’ve met them we can’t help smile, too. They look us in the eye, give us their […]

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An ideal church – a collection of thoughts

The following are summaries from two books by Elton Trueblood.  If you’ve never heard of this man, Google the name and prepare to be impressed.  He taught at Stanford and Harvard, among other places of learning, was friend to presidents and other world leaders, and wrote dozens of excellent books.  And that was all before […]

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The role of women in ministry

Wise words from a young woman who lived more than 300 years ago Introductory Note from Gary Williams: Roughly 2000 years ago Jesus selected an unlikely group of men and women to  form the core of his little band of religious radicals.  They weren’t rich, educated, well-known, or without fault, yet they turned the ancient […]

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What Does It Profit a Man?

Musings on a “strange” Christmas By Neil Smith Olympic Peninsula Ministries, Sequim, Washington December, 2009 At the conclusion of my freshman year in college I was a beginning Christ follower and was attending my first Christian student conference. I was excited to learn from the teachers who would be there. Our car full of students […]

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