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Alfa Romeo Technical Tips

Alfa GTV engine removal

The following is a list I made for myself to use when removing and reinstalling my 1967 GTV’s 2L motor.  While it is specific to my car, which has many custom pieces, this list may serve as a starting point for you.  Note that I don’t have heater lines to remove, because mine were taken […]

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Alfa 105 series tech info – 1

Setting up your carbs Dave Andrews has written an absolutely wonderful explanation of how to select the right Weber carbs and how to tune them.  You can read it all here:  Weber Carb Selection and Tuning He has also created easy to use software.  When you do run it, it will open a window that […]

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Alfa 105 series tech info – 2

  Cam Timing Below are a pair of vintage templates that came with Shankle cams purchased in the early 1980’s. Note the greasy finger smudges. To use them, copy the images to your computer, scale them to accurately match the rulers (try reducing them to 65% of actual for starters), then print them on heavy […]

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