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Gordon Raymond’s spectacular Ferrari 275 GTB leads a bevy of other Maranello beauties

275 on the track copy



Gordon Raymond’s way cool Ferrari story

Here’s a young Gordon Raymond in a vintage Ferrari.  He writes that he bought and sold “old” (now vintage) race cars while in college (Sheesh!  I worked in a paint & wallpaper store. Just shoot me now).  Gordon mostly bought these cars on the west coast and sold them in the midwest or east. “I was working at Knauz Continental Autos on a college break, and Bill Knauz asked if I knew anything about old Ferrari race cars. I did. He had a customer in Wisconsin who had a 500TRC #702 and wanted a Mercedes.  The Ferrari had not run in years; the engine reportedly seized. Bill traded the customer and I ended up with #702 not running. I took it home to find the Webers needed help and the dry sump had filled the cylinders with oil. Fixed the Webers, sucked the oil out of the cylinders and it fired right up!”  Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I found the photo below showing #702 as owned by William Price four or five years ago.

008_S010069 008_S020258



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