Cats, birds, cars that strike back

Short humorous videos involving anthropomorphic cars (okay, that may be redundant)

1. Click this to see my hero car from England

If you’ve ever had your car scratched by a curious feline, you will like this:  The Devil Car of England
And now for the disclaimer: The Devil Car is not for the squeamish and not something I would ever actually want to happen to a pet.  It would, in fact be illegal to own a car with the evil ability to behave as the one in the clip presented here.   If my beloved cat Mickey is watching from Feline Heaven, please accept my sincere apology for having the bad taste to post this.  It really isn’t my fault; my cousin Donald made me do it. He’s older and should know better, but working for the television industry has undoubtedly blurred the lines between tasteful fun and tragedy into an indistinct gray haze.

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