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The car was sold in 2018, after 35 years of delightful ownership. Sniff! Sob! Pitiful flow of tears!

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Engine compartment

Black Interstate battery
Moroso vapor canister with braided line and AN fittings
Moroso catch can for radiator overflow
Fuse block moved into interior, under passenger side dash
Relay added between ignition switch & starter to cure the typical won’t restart
when hot malidy

Relays added between headlight switch and high beams; between headlight switch and low beams; and on the electric fan
Moved horns and alarm siren up under fenders, behind the mud guards
Recored radiator
Electric fan, thermostatically operated Mishimoto MMFAN-10 (Probably could have used larger fan, but car has never had overheating issues)
The thermostat is a Stant 45358  180-degree unit (costing about $7) that sits in a Meziere inline aluminum housing.  The car had a screw-in thermostat.  I cut the original top radiator hose into sections to insert the Meziere unit
One-wire alternator from a Milano, with built-in regulator (switched to an
alternator 20 years ago)
Heat shield for alternator from a Spider
Late model starter (
Holley fuel pressure regulator (I have a good electric fuel pump, but wanted
an adjustable regulator)