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From the ridiculous to the sublime …
trust me on this one!

Concorso 2008 Ecurie Ecrappe Alfa 002

Here’s the ridiculous. (Note the driver’s helmet.) Check out the gallery for the sublime. Photo by Ted Williams.  Click here and here for more. (The second link tells the story of “The Speed Demon of the Pampas.”)



1966 to Present

a Laguna Seca 19850003b

Remember this? The photo is from Laguna Seca, 1985, at the Monterey Historics, California.  Alfas were the featured marque and very nearly circled the entire track two rows wide. My GTV is second from right.This picture was used in Overheard Cams, the monthly publication of the Alfa Romeo Association of Callifornia. It was during one of our snail’s pace laps that I put son Ted in my lap and let him steer. Below is a a grainy enlargement showing him at age 9, waving from the driver’s seat.ted driving Laguna Seca 1985 cropped

Six years later Alfa was again the featured marque at Laguna Seca and Juan Fangio the featured driver. Here, in a gorgeous 1953 6C 3000CM are, from left, Juan Fangio II, Juan Fangio, and Alfa factory engine whiz Guido Moroni. Notice the look I’m getting from Fangio. Apparently, he didn’t like anyone in front of him, in a car or on foot.Juan Fangio at Laguna Seca 1991

Below, Fangio wheels the Alfa Museum’s Tipo 159 around Laguna Seca in 1991 at age 80, sans helmet and traveling fast enough to get into the dirt and nearly spin it at one point. I regret having no recorder that day. The sound of that magnificent race engine and the smell of Castrol R and methanol was intoxicating.  The closest I can get is this recording made at the Palo Alto, California, concours several years ago: Alfa 8C-35 .

Fangio at Laguna Seca 1991 in the Tipo 159 72dpi