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Tom Lesko 1b

Tom Lesko ponders the beauty of his well prepped motor with its cool headers from the comfort of his 1965 Spider Veloce. Thanks, Tom, for sending one of my favorite photos.


Alfa July 2014 002c

When my GT’s 2-litre motor turned a rod bearing in 2013, I pulled the engine and hauled it to California. There, my friend Steve Smith disassembled the entire motor to give it a thorough check.  What he found was a perfect machine … except for the one bad bearing.  Steve removed the crank and had it repaired and renitrided.  Then he reassembled it using a new gasket kit and all new bearings (not just the bad one).  He also rehoned the cylinders, just because he could. Because we live 700 miles apart and I’m moving at the speed of a glacier these days, it took about a year before the fully refreshed engine was back in the car.

Click here for a short video of the car’s first time out of the garage after the long rest.